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Pastured Chicken

What is a pastured chicken?

Simply put, it is a chicken that is allowed to come to maturity on pasture. Why is that important? A chicken, when given the opportunity, will eat forages, or grasses, as up to 40% of it’s diet.  Forages are nature’s medicine for chickens as well as natural flavor boosters; the high chlorophyll content cleanses the bloodstream and fights infection, leading to a healthier bird, less prone to disease. This means our chickens don’t need antibiotics and steroids just to stay alive. In addition to these health benefits, meat from chickens raised on pasture is commonly said to have fuller and more dynamic flavor.

            We believe in product control, this is why we harvest the birds ourselves and sell directly to you. This allows us to maintain quality from our hands to yours as well as remain transparent with the whole process. This means that a whole chicken can go from our field to your fridge in a single day. How is that for fresh?

Complementary Samples!

This is where you come in. We want you to try our chicken and tell us (and others) how much you like it! We would love to give a complementary sample bird to anyone who is willing to give us feedback and recommend us to friends and family. Since we don’t have the time or equipment to safely deliver each individual bird to your doorstep we invite you to come visit us on the farm to pickup your first taste of local and delicious. We'll be glad to reserve your whole chicken when you let us know you are coming!

Harvest Days!

We want our friends and neighbors to be informed about the best food around. You are welcome to come and inspect our harvesting operation. We’d love to see you during an upcoming harvest. The next harvest day is June 24, 2017 with fresh customer pickup from 3-8pm. Place your order online ahead of time to reserve your chicken before it's sold out! Can't make it for harvest day? Reserve online for another day and we'll put some in our freezer for you. Stop by when you can and we'll accommodate you as we are able!

Regular Hours

Sunrise-Sunset Monday - Saturday - call/order ahead to guarantee service.

Closed Sundays and after dark. Thanks for your courtesy!

Whole Chicken Order Form


We love locals and to prove it we offer deep discounts to our next door neighbors. Local prices apply to customers living in 19450. Not local? You're still welcome. Stop by and introduce yourself!

Whole Chicken - Harvest Day Pricing
Regular - 3.65/lb
Local - 2.95/lb
Non Harvest Day Pricing is printed on label in freezer
Discounts for Next Door Farmer Buying Club Members